Clinics and Other Events

Available clinics are listed below. Contact Sandi to schedule a clinic at your location.

Dressage Elements Clinic


Date TBA

Interested in dressage but aren’t sure where to start? This clinic is designed to introduce the basics of dressage in a friendly, relaxed setting. We'll cover the elements that are essential for every movement at every level of dressage.

  • • How do you create a balanced and light horse in self carriage?
  • • What is the meaning of "on the bit"?
  • • What does it mean and what does it feel like to have a horse come through his back?
  • • What is elasticity of the back?

In this clinic, we’ll answer all of these questions and more to help you build the right dressage foundation with your horse.

Dressage in Motion Clinic

dressage show

Date TBA

Creating the ultimate athlete means developing his body. Schooling figures (circle, half circle figure 8, serpentine, straight lines), lateral movements (leg yield, shoulder in, turn on the haunches), and transitions all have an influence on the development of different muscle groups in the body. In this clinic, you will learn what parts of the horse's body these exercises develop, as well as how and when to implement them.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in dressage - some previous dressage training is helpful, but not required. All breeds are welcome - dressage is not just for warmbloods!

Understanding Dressage - Part I, Classroom Series

Spanish Riding School Date TBA

In this session, we'll cover:
  • • History of classical dressage
  • • Arena dimensions, letters, tips for accuracy.
  • • Levels and requirements: What are requirements for each level? What is the correct carriage for each level?

Understanding Dressage - Part II, Classroom Series

Riders in a clinicDate TBA

In this session, we'll cover:

  • • Rider's position and use of the aids: Analysis of body position; how are you affecting your horse with your position?
  • • What does 'On the bit' really mean? What are the required qualities?
  • • A theoretical discussion of bit contact and communication; a practical exercise; please bring a set of reins.

Ride-a-Test Clinic

dressage show

Date TBA

This clinic will give you the opportunity to ride the test of your choice and get detailed feedback on your performance. Get insight into what the judges are looking for, and guidance on how to improve your score. You will have an opportunity to ride your chosen test twice, with time for feedback in between rides. Show attire not required. Tests should be memorized, but you may also bring a reader.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone looking to improve their dressage scores, preparing for a show, or considering moving up a level could benefit from this clinic. Riders who aren't currently showing but are interested in measuring their training progress are also welcome.

(see photos from last year's clinic)

Dressage Field Trip - Understanding the Levels

Dressage horse at showDate TBA

Join us for a fun and educational field trip to the Atlanta Fall Dressage show at the Georgia International Horse Park!

  • • How does a horse graduate from training level to grand prix?
  • • What are the requirements of each level?
  • • What do the judges look for and how is it scored?

We will observe the horses and riders competing at each level - from Training Level through Grand Prix. Sandi will analyze movements and review the horses’ carriage in each level. This is a great opportunity to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in learning more about dressage -- whether your goal is to compete in dressage, get better insight into what makes dressage such a valuable foundation for training, or just understand what’s going on when you’re watching a dressage show!

Long-lining Clinic


As requested

Long-lining your horse offers many benefits. It fills the gap between lungeing/roundpen work and initial rides; prepares the horse for rider's aids by the use of long lines simulating leg and hand aids; teaches the horse to accept contact; and teaches the horse to bend, to move forward, change direction, halt, reinback, and perform lateral work. Watch a long-lining demonstration by Sandi.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone interested in learning to long-line - no experience necessary. Appropriate for horses at all levels, including horses not yet started under saddle (horses should already be used to bridle and bit).

(see photos from last year's clinic)


Evaluation Clinic

evaluating a horse

As requested

This clinic will include a group lecture (all riders with horses to be evaluated should attend), plus individual evaluations. Times will be assigned. Horses will be evaluated for suitability to discipline, training direction, problem solving, fitting of tack, and more.

Your horse may show difficulty in his work due to conformation, sore muscles, equipment faults, teeth or mouth problems, confusion, fear, anxiety, anger, sore joints, foot discomfort, previous training, lack of leadership. Understanding the horse both psychologically and physically will help bring clarity to your situation.

Each rider will receive an individual evaluation with suggestions for improvement. I suggest riders observe other sessions for full benefit.

Natural Horsemanship Under Saddle

Sandi teaching natural horsemanship clinic As requested

Translating natural horsemanship training from the ground to the saddle.

This clinic is designed to help you develop a positive partnership with your horse under saddle -- building on the same natural horsemanship techniques used in groundwork.

Starting with a brief review of groundwork, you will learn how to apply these principles to riding, using your legs, your hands, and your seat to communicate effectively with your horse.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone already using natural horsemanship techniques in groundwork, or newcomers to natural horsemanship. Horses should already be started under saddle. All disciplines welcome. Come prepared to ride, with saddle and bridle with mild bit.